Why use an Insurance Broker?

Why use an Insurance Broker?

Sometimes clients looking for Insurance ask us “why don’t I go to an insurer direct?”  It must be agreed that cheapest is not always best, especially when their most valuable assets are at risk.

Within this blog a number of reasons are giving showing why using an Insurance Broker is a good idea.


Chartered Insurance Brokers

We are privately owned and are not tied to a small panel of Insurers.  This means we do not have to answer to large corporate shareholders (who only care for profits).  At Hamilton Robertson Insurance Brokers we represent many insurance companies.  This gives our clients a wide and unbiased choice of product,s giving best policy covers and most competitive premiums.


Our staff do a lot of work searching the market and recommending the product best suited to our clients’ needs.    Clients can make an informed decision when placing their Motor, Household, Travel or Business insurance.

Many clients who have left us to go to a direct Insurer return to us saying “we were let down when it came to getting our claim paid” or “we didn’t know our direct Insurer removed important policy benefit to cheapen the premium”.

In addition to being an Independent Insurance Broker we are  Chartered Insurance Brokers – one of the first to be awarded their recognition in the United Kingdom.


Competitive Edge

We  constantly work with our clients to solve problems they may face when looking to place a new insurance cover. We also assist with changes on  existing policies.  Some clients may be difficult to insure as they have had previous claims. They may require travel insurance and have pre-existing health conditions or have a business which operates in high risk locations.

For our commercial clients we can visit their premises, carry out reviews and appreciate their circumstances. We have face to face meetings and build astrong rapport.

We have access to all the leading insurers with products to suit most scenarios. This means our clients are not stuck with just one insurer. If there is an issue with a client’s existing Insurer we have the flexibility of arranging cover with another Insurer, better suited for the client’s needs.


As mentioned in the previous section we deal with many insurance companies. We are in the market each and every day placing many types of policy.  This gives us a competitive edge when sourcing premiums.

Knowledge of Industry

We have a large amount of knowledge in terms of the different products available to suit our clients’ needs. It could be said no two insurance policies are identical. Thanks to our knowledge we can point out differences to our clients and show how this may or may not affect them.

Sometimes there will be parts of the terms and conditions or small print which can mean there is no insurance in place for certain activities. Cover may be excluded if our client does or does not do something.  Part of our job is to explain and highlight potential pitfalls our clients may face.


Each and every day we are providing free advice to our clients who are telephoning us and emailing us.  This free advice is coming from qualified experienced Insurance Brokers.

Claims Service

Getting your claim paid

Should you make a claim on your policy or a claim is made against you we know that you will want your loss to be  dealt with.  And as efficiently and as quickly as possible.  We aim to provide you with total support throughout the life of a claim with ongoing advice prior to submitting your claim and during the claim process.  We will help you to prepare and submit your claim. We then negotiate with Insurers and any Loss Adjusters on your behalf.  Hamilton Robertson will always push for a fast and efficient settlement of your claim.

Dealing with a Human Being

We are a U.K. based Insurance Broker and do not “off-shore” any part of our service.  Our staff are fully trained and always waiting to take your call or meet you in person.

Insurance Brokers have more say with Insurers?

Due to us holding large Agency accounts with many Insurers we tend to have more negotiating power. We work on your behalf rather than you being on your own,  if you were dealing yourself direct with an Insurer.  We have long established Insurer relationships and we think this is a great help to our clients.

Should you wish further information or have any queries please contact Graeme Robertson on 0141 776 7600 or visit our website.

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