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Renewed Partnership with Millwall Football Club

Renewed Partnership with Millwall Football Club

We’re thrilled to announce our recently renewed partnership with Millwall Football Club for the 23/24 season!

At Hamilton Robertson Insurance Brokers, we believe in supporting and uplifting our local communities. And Millwall FC, being so close to the heart of London, resonates with our values of community engagement and local empowerment.

But why football and insurance? Here are some synergies we see:

  • Teamwork: Just as a football team relies on every player to win a match, our team at Hamilton Robertson works collaboratively to ensure the best for our clients.
  • Risk management: Football is all about strategizing and managing risks on the field. Similarly, in insurance, we strategize to protect our clients from unforeseen risks.
  • Commitment: Both in football and insurance, commitment is key. Whether it’s a commitment to training, to fans, or to clients, we’re in it for the long haul.
  • Goal-orientated: In football, the objective is clear – score goals and delight your fans. In insurance, our goal is to provide excellent service and protection to our clients.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership, and our commitment to the club, its sponsors, and fans.

Managing Director of HRIB London, Jack Dalton said: “A big thank you to Edgar Erazo, Millwall’s Commercial Manager, for helping to arrange the renewed partnership. We look forward to the rest of the season ahead and hope there are many wins along the way.

“As a born and bred Millwall fan, I have a natural emotional attachment to the club, and this transpires all the way through to the work we put in with the other sponsors and fans of the club in helping them meet their insurance requirements.”

Edgar Erazo added: “I’m happy we’ve extended our renewal with such a dynamic and exciting company like Hamilton Robertson. I’ve been working with Jack and Hamilton Robertson for some years now and it’s always great to work with such a committed team who bring another dimension to our existing partnership base.”

Pictured at the top of this page is Jack Dalton at Millwall FC with Edgar Erazo, Millwall FC Commercial manager, and with Stuart Usher who attended Millwall Commercial’s recent business club.

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