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Our Partners Bill Plant Driving School Scoop 2 New Awards – including National Driving School of the Year 2019!

Our Partners Bill Plant Driving School Scoop 2 New Awards – including National Driving School of the Year 2019!


Hamilton Robertson Insurance Brokers is happy to share the news with you that Bill Plant Driving School, our proud partners, have achieved 2 new awards at the recent Intelligent Instructor Awards event. This represents an excellent achievement, and one we want to congratulate Bill Plant Driving School for.


What is the National Driving School Award?


The National Driving School of the Year Award was given to Bill Plant as part of the Intelligent Instructor Awards, which was a new event held last October in Coventry. The awards celebrated the achievements of instructors, schools and suppliers in the ADI industry. Over 230 guests attended this prestigious event. Bill Plant Driving School beat various competitors including RED Driving School and AA Driving School to win the National Driving School of the Year award. Their second award was the Regional Award for Driving Instructor of the Year in Scotland.


The awards were given to Bill Plant Driving School for their excellent customer service, their commitment to supporting its pupils and instructors, their innovation throughout the industry and their focus on road safety. Tom Hixon at Bill Plant commented: “We’re thrilled to have won the award for National Driving School of the Year, this is something our Driving Instructors across the UK can join in with us to celebrate our collective success.”


More About Bill Plant Driving School


Bill Plant Driving School offers its customers high quality driving lessons with experienced instructors throughout the UK. They have a reputation for being the best in the business, and we are proud to be partnered with them, providing their fleet of vehicles and their driving instructor academy with comprehensive driving insurance.


More About Hamilton Robertson and C&A Mackie


Hamilton Robertson through their scheme C&A Mackie Insurance Brokers, are specialists and market leaders in the driving insurance field. We provide high quality customer service, unique insurance products and reliable after sales advice and support. We believe in creating working partnerships that add value to both businesses and our unique business relationship with Bill Plant Driving School has so far been a successful and jointly beneficial one.


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