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Delivering ongoing strong partnerships

Delivering ongoing strong partnerships

At Hamilton Robertson Insurance Brokers (HRIB), to help us tailor the right insurance for you, we like to get to know you and your business. That way, we can get a good understanding of how you operate and what your risks are.

Scott Goudie is Co-Owner of AFS Logistics, a logistics and technology company based in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire. He explains how our approach has worked for him: “Graeme Robertson (Chairman of HRIB) was recommended to me. From the beginning it was clear he was coming from a different angle from what we’d previously experienced.

“He talked through how he wanted to work with us, offering different and more competitive options. And he gave us a broader sense of what’s available. He was interested in understanding our risks and I believe the policies we have through HRIB are helping us to run the business a lot better. HRIB also knew the way ahead in terms of managing our risks better.”

Graeme explains more about HRIB’s approach: “When we met AFS in mid-2020 they were approaching a growth period in their business.

“We spent time learning exactly how their business operates and what they wanted to achieve. Then we provided policies to suit the risks highlighted.

“We suggested how to manage their Motor Fleet Risk more effectively and provided them with a solution to manage premium spend more accurately. And we gave them an enhanced claims service with an insurer who, like us, is passionate on settling third party claims at best possible cost.

“We also discussed and agreed some immediate opportunities to improve their accident frequency and accident management controls. And we put in place five key implementations with immediate effect.”

These implementations included introducing a simpler approach to reporting incidents and accidents, allowing faster settlement; a revised after-accident interview approach using HRIB tools tailored for AFS; and regular claims management meetings.

Purpose-built software

AFS Logistics have spent four years developing a platform and driver app, to help manage the challenges faced by last mile delivery couriers. This software has brought benefits to both AFS and HRIB.

Scott comments: “The delivery industry has changed and so have we. We have grown from a delivery company into a company specialising in delivery, vehicle hire, vehicle repair and software.

“We realised we needed to be smarter around how we used technology to be competitive. So we created software that is bespoke and able to grow as we grow.

“With the software we can be more proactive, find root cause of accidents, and look at driver behaviours. We’re a responsible company taking risk management seriously. We care about the drivers and want to keep them safe.”

Graeme adds: “The technology such as dash cams, telematics systems and client management system designed by the AFS tech team is working very well. It’s reducing claims costs, identifying what happened in an incident and identifying drivers at risk of having an accident.

“The software provides a clear, accurate version of accidents including video footage. It allows us to help AFS deal with the claim more effectively and give advice and guidance to them.”

Ongoing strong partnership

For us, it’s not just about getting the deal signed and then moving onto the next company. We provide continuous support and are available to answer any queries that companies may have.

Scott continues: “When it came to renewal time, Graeme looked at our financials and business again. And he made suggestions for changes, rather than just simply renewing our policies.

“The ongoing support we get from HRIB is great, whether it’s the weekly meetings we have or just being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone in the office with any queries.

“With Graeme’s help, and our software solution in place, we’ve been able to significantly reduce our insurance premiums and better manage our risk. It’s a win-win! This year we’ve even taken the decision to share our software solution “UniQore” with the wider logistics community via our software partner. Now everyone can enjoy the same benefits as we do.

“We’re now into the second year of working with HRIB. I’m really happy with the strong partnership that we’ve developed and I’ve no hesitation in recommending them.”

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