Pub & Hotel Insurance

The pub and hotel industries are fast-paced and you will probably find that as the owner or manager of this business, you have plenty to keep you busy, and an awful lot to worry about.

One of these worries might involve insurances – do you have the right one in place? Are you sure that you are fully covered if the worst should happen?

This might include public liability insurance, buildings insurance, and other insurances such as if there is a break in where stock has been stolen, a cyber attack on your website compromising customer data, or even a loss of license.

You are exposed to many risks in the hospitality industry, so having the correct insurance cover in place can minimise disruption to your business, which means your business can still run even if you encounter a problem.

Perhaps you need brand new insurance, or maybe you are not happy with your current provider. With Hamilton Robertson, you will get a first class service, which means that we analyse your unique needs and identify the risks your business could face, creating a business insurance policy to match.

We can develop this into one managed policy that has one renewal date, which is far less stress and pressure for you.

This insurance policy offers all-round financial protection for your business, wherever you are based – Glasgow, Scotland or the UK, and however large or small you are.

What’s more, because of our extensive connections in this industry, we can secure you a very competitive price for our service.

Typical policies for the pub and hotel sector industries can include:

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