Public & Employers Liability

Whatever type of business you manage, the chances are that you are in contact with the public. From catering, to retail, to construction and finance – and everything in between, you will no doubt have some level of contact with the public and be aware of your need for Public and Employers’ Liability insurance.

Employers’ liability

This kind of business insurance provides your company with cover against claims made by members of the public or your employees. Somebody may make a claim due to injury or damage caused whilst at your premises.

You will need insurance to protect you in this instance, to help cover the legal costs of defending you and your business if the insurer feels that you are not liable for any injury or damage caused.

It is important to note that investing in Employers’ liability insurance a legal requirement and something your business cannot ignore. Whilst there are exceptions (in the case of a single member limited company), it is the law in the UK that if your business has employees, you must have up to date Employers’ liability insurance in place.

It forms the financial protection needed if an employee makes a compensation claim for personal injury claiming that your business is liable.

Reasons why you need a Public & Employers Liability policy:

  • Offers protection against claims made against your business and covers legal expenses
  • Can be tailored to cover risks specific to your business.
  • Having the correct insurance cover minimises disruption to your business.
  • One managed policy, one renewal date and Hamilton Robertson working on your behalf.

Public liability

Public liability insurance is slightly different in that it is not legally required, but many businesses invest in this cover because of how important it is and the level of protection you can benefit from.

Public liability insurance covers injury or illness of visitors that come to your premises and the subsequent compensation claims that victims may make against you.

If someone were to come to your offices and slip in your reception area, for instance, this insurance provides the financial protection needed to make sure you are not left with a hefty bill if they decide to sue you for their accident.

It provides that extra peace of mind that is invaluable in business, see more on finding the right policy for you here.

As the only Independent Chartered Insurance Broker in Glasgow, our team have helped many businesses all across Scotland and the UK gain the right level of protection for their company.

It isn’t just the detailed, bespoke policy that our clients love – it is the advice and information we give to clients every step of the way, from the initial phone call, through to explaining the details of the policy, and if in the unfortunate case that you need to make a claim, we provide valuable advice and support.

We work with companies individually to ensure you get the exact cover you need. We don’t simply copy and paste the policy from another business we have worked with!

For advice on getting the right level of cover for you, get in touch with us.

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