Professional Indemnity Insurance

Your clients may rely on your expertise from your business, and this means that they put their trust in you and count on you for your decision-making ability. However, there is always a chance things can go wrong, regardless of how competent you are or how experienced your business might be.

This is where you may consider professional indemnity insurance.

This kind of insurance provides protection for you and your company should a client face financial loss as a result of your work. If a client did suffer financial loss due to your mistakes, they could take legal action against your business. This could be costly and detrimental to your company reputation. For this reason, Hamilton Robertson have assisted many businesses with securing adequate professional indemnity insurance.

We can tailor a specialist bespoke indemnity insurance package to suit your individual business needs, whatever industry you work in. This offers all round financial protection to your business, giving peace of mind security to you and your staff.

What’s more, you will receive one managed policy, even if the insurance contains several separate policies within it, which means that you only have one renewal date. This means less stress, less fuss, and more time to concentrate on your business.

Hamilton Robertson have over 40 years’ experience in this field, working in Glasgow, Scotland, and the rest of the UK in providing specialist business insurance policies. We aren’t tied to any one insurer, and have many connections throughout the industry, so we know we can access the most competitive deals for our customers.

Typically we provide cover for many different types of businesses, including:

    • Consultancy Businesses.
    • PR & Marketing Businesses.
    • Designers.
    • IT Consultancy Businesses.
    • Data Handling Businesses.
    • Intellectual Property.

We also offer other types of business insurance, such as cyber liability insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, and also residential insurances such as buildings and contents insurance.

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