Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Having the correct insurance in place for your business is vital, but does your current business insurance cover everything you need it to? Hamilton Robertson offers all round financial protection to your business, giving peace of mind and security. This includes providing specialised kidnap and ransom insurance, an ever growing threat, which is increased dramatically if you operate your business in any high risk countries.

This policy is therefore recommended for businesses who send employees to high-risk countries. Most kidnappings happen in order to obtain a ransom and sadly very few victims are rescued or released safely without these ransoms being paid. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the Government to pay ransom expenses.

If you believe that your business faces this risk, then our Kidnap and Ransom policy provides protection against the financial expenses of a kidnap situation where the kidnappers are demanding ransom money in return for the safe release of a colleague or staff member. The policy covers these costs should this ever happen, as well as providing:

  • Crisis Management and response costs.
  • Expenses of returning home.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Personal accident.
  • Legal liability.

The policy can be tailored to cover risks specific to your business, and so our expert team will talk your requirements through with you so that they can design a unique insurance that matches your needs and your risks.

If you want to combine this with any of our other policies, such as cybercrime insurance, or even more general policies like travel insurance or contents insurance, then our team can create for you one managed business policy with one renewal date, to remove excess paperwork and hassle for you. Having the correct insurance cover minimises disruption to your business, and gets your team back on track.

And we really know what we are talking about! You can trust in us because here at Hamilton Robertson, we have been in business for over 40 years. We have strong connections in the insurance field and can therefore locate competitive deals for you that fully cover your business and provide ultimate peace of mind.

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