Credit Insurance

Many companies find themselves in the position where customers fail to pay bills on time, which can have detrimental effects on your business. You may find yourself with poor cash flow and need to draw on credit as a result, which can harm your credit rating and get your business in debt.

This is a risk that all kinds of companies face, whatever the size of the company and however long you have been in business for.

A credit insurance policy could be just what your business needs to protect yourself against customers failing to pay their bills for a product or service provided by you. The company you have been dealing with may have gone bankrupt, or may simply be choosing not to pay you.

Whatever the reason, this policy is in place to help minimise bad debts and reduce the level of damage to your business and cash flow. Having the correct policy in place can also be used as a competitive advantage to your business, especially if you are looking to grow your company, as you may be able to offer better payment terms on contracts too.

The credit insurance policy provided by Hamilton Robertson is suitable for all kinds of companies – regardless of the industry you operate in, or size of your trading.

We have a high reputation in this field and this is the reason that many of our clients come back to us for each and every insurance policy need, not just for credit insurance but also for buildings insurance, public liability insurance and even cyber crime insurance.

We are also not tied to any one insurer; we work alongside the major household-name and specialist insurers to recommend a range of insurance products that are unique to you, and all at a competitive price.

We believe that with us, you receive the best in the insurance business, with high quality customer service and 24-hour support should you ever need us in making a claim.

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