Reasons why you need a Business Travel policy:

  • Offers all round financial protection to your business, giving peace of mind security.
  • Having the correct insurance cover minimises disruption to your business.
  • One managed policy, one renewal date and Hamilton Robertson working on your behalf.

Business Travel Insurance

When you’re getting prepared for a business trip, travel insurance is often one of the last things on your mind. However, personal injury whilst on your trip or a cancellation can prove extremely costly. A Business Travel policy protects you against these costs and can give you full peace of mind during your trip, allowing you to focus on business.

We can provide cover for a single business trip or for an annual policy if you will be undertaking multiple trips in the next twelve months. We will tailor your policy to best suit the individual needs of your business and ensure you and your employees are protected.

Typical policies can include covers for

  • 12 months multi-trip business travel insurance for all insured employees travelling on company business (including UK trips) – plus cover for directors, their partners and children on personal leisure trips.
  • Medical expenses up to £1 million per person
  • Cancellation expenses up to £5,000 per person
  • Theft or loss of personal baggage
  • Theft or loss of business property/equipment
  • Theft of business money
  • Added support services may be available for:
    • Crisis Containment can also be made available – this helps fund the cost of independent crisis consultants if negative media coverage is likely to affect corporate earnings as a result of an insured event.
    • Emergency message relay – to family and business associates
    • Lost ticket & baggage location – help with replacement of lost or stolen tickets, passports or travel documents, and location of lost baggage
    • Port/airport assistance
    • Legal referral – to an Embassy, Consulate or other source of legal advice, including an English speaking lawyer.

Why use us?

We are an Independent Chartered Insurance Broker having been in business for over 35 years. This means that whilst we have many years’ experience in arranging insurance the real benefit to you is that we can put our experience and qualifications into practice.

And because we are not tied to any one insurer, we work alongside the major household-name and specialist insurers to recommend a range of insurance products that are specially-designed for you, and a competitive price.

For advice on getting the right level of cover for you, get in touch with us.

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