Why you should consider a Commercial Combined policy?

Commercial combined insurance is something that more businesses are seeing the benefits of, and here at Hamilton Robertson, we have worked closely with many companies across North Glasgow, Scotland and the UK, all seeking several different insurances, held together as one insurance policy.

There are so many benefits to this!

A standard business will likely have a range of insurances that they need to renew each year. They may have Employers’ liability insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, cyber liability policies, and much more.

This can be difficult to keep on top of. Not only must you remember to renew them each on time, but many you are legally required to have, and so not doing so can pose a real risk in itself.

Sometimes, the day to day running of a business can mean that you simply don’t have time to look into the right insurance policy for your company. You might choose one that ‘sounds ok’ or that you hope covers you for everything you need, without really knowing the full details.

However, when you work with the team at Hamilton Robertson, you will benefit from a thorough service, where the team get to know your company and figure out the right insurances for you, to cover all risks.

They can suggest adding items to your cover which you might not have even considered.

As it is a commercial combined insurance policy, you will only get one renewal date too, making renewing easier and quicker than ever before.

With the support of over 35 years’ experience, the professionals at Hamilton Robertson can advise you should you have any concerns or questions, providing you a high level of customer service, as well as offering competitive prices on all our policies.

Your Combined Policy Cover Could Include the Following:

    • Commercial Legal Expenses
    • Financial Loss
    • Computers
    • Engineering Insurance and Inspection
    • Terrorism
    • Directors and Officers Liability
    • Cyber Liability

If you are interested in a commercial combined insurance company for your business, get in contact with the team at Hamilton Robertson to discuss your requirements further.

And because we are not tied to any one insurer, we work alongside the major household-name and specialist insurers to recommend a range of insurance products that are specially-designed for you, and a competitive price.

Regardless of whether you are a Manufacturer, a Wholesaler, a Distribution Company or even a Storage Facility a Commercial Combined Policy can be tailored to your precise needs.

For advice on getting the right level of cover for you, get in touch with us. Or call us direct on 0141 776 7600.

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