There are many reasons that you or your business may benefit from a Superior Claims Service, and at Hamilton Robertson, we provide a truly supportive, accurate and reliable claims service that your business can depend upon.

We have worked with a range of clients from varying industries throughout the years, providing a unique and comprehensive claims service that has helped many people. Our experienced team can handle any query or case, and provide honest, valuable advice and support.

We can provide help with two types of case – 1) When your business wants to make a claim or 2) in the event of a claim being made against you.

In either case, you will want your loss to be dealt with as efficiently and quickly as possible to reduce damage to the business, and of course to reduce your own stress and anxiety over this issue. Our understanding and supportive representatives can talk through the case with you and provide you with total support from the beginning to the end. Our experienced team will keep you updated on a regular basis on the progress of the claim and will strive to ensure that you receive a satisfactory settlement.

When it comes to Commercial Clients and non-motor claims, we are proud of our very experienced in-house Claims Department, which is supported by a number of our Partners including TopMark Claims Management, TopMark Loss Adjusters and Claims Consultancy Club.

When it comes to motor accident claims, we are now migrating over to a full Claims Management System provided by Easi-Drive Claims Management. They are backed by our valued partners, Corries Solicitors, Halo Assistance, Proximo and Drive Car Hire Limited.

In all cases, having a Chartered Insurance Broker such as Hamilton Robertson on your side could mean the difference between your claim being paid or not. We have been in business over 35 years, and have a lot of experience in this field.

If there is ever a point where a client requires assistance, they can call our claims hotline, 0141 776 7600 at any time and speak to one of our Claims Advisors.

For advice on getting the right level of cover for you, get in touch with us.

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